Nissan Elgrand E51 radio fitting information

Nissan Elgrand E51 technical information (All Fitting Kits)

The Nissan Elgrand E51 was the second generation of Elgrand sold on the Japanese Domestic Market, but has since been exported across the globe as a used car.

The radio is built around the gear selector and heater controls, with the original fascia in a number of different colours to compliment the rest of the interior. When fitting an aftermarket radio, the only fascia colour choice available in black. The reverse camera, air conditioning information and original navigation are built into the top screen and are retained when the radio is changed.

Series 1 cars were built between May 2002 and August 2003 

These are most easily identifiable by the hazard switch being integrated into the surround for the gear selector and came from new with either an integrated CD and Minidisc or Casette player or a single DIN radio with a pocket below.


Many of the versions with the single DIN radio have since been swapped out with a double DIN radio and do not need a new fascia to fit a new radio,

If your car is a series 1 car with the integrated radio then we don't have a fascia available at this time and the installation of a new head unit is not currently possible.

Series 2 cars were built from August 2003 until late 2007.

Series 2 models can be identified by the hazard switch being separate from the surround of the gear selector. There is also a defined panel gap above the heater controls and gear selector and the buttons above, where as on earlier cars the radio fascia continues up around these controls. These vehicles use our fascia 50-669 and can be changed. There are three versions; the standard option and two amplified versions, BOSE and 5.1 Theatre Sound.

If it is fitted with a BOSE system then it will need an amplifier interface. 

If it has a 5.1 Theatre Sound system then it will require the amplifier to be bypassed which will disable the centre speaker, rear hatch speakers and rear subwoofer. 

Series 3 cars built from 2007 until the end of production in 2010.

A few cars in this time period were made with the same setups as the earlier series 2 cars, but the majority were fitted with Nissan "Carwings" vehicle telematics service in the place where the heater controls were fitted on earlier cars. The majority of the functionality of this doesn't work outside of  Japan and is removed when fitting a new radio.

We don't have any plug and play parts for this system and it require modifications to the 50-669 fascia, the original wiring loom and raking apart original radio modules to retain original functionality.

Changing the radio on a series 3 car with "Carwings" should only be attempted by a professional car audio installer.

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