How to Find Your Best Options in Motability Vehicles

There are over 2,700 different models to choose from if you are planning to lease a car under the Motability Scheme. Therefore, you will not be lacking in options here. However, if you wish to go past the fluff and create a shortlist, here is everything you need to know about selecting the best Motability vehicle for you.

A Basic Understanding of the Motability Scheme

In order to qualify for the Motability scheme, you need to currently be receiving one of the following payments:

  1. War Pensioners’ Motability Supplement
  2. Armed Forces Independence Payment
  3. Enhanced Rate of the Motability Component of Personal Independence Payment
  4. Higher Rate Motability Component of Disability Living Allowance

On qualifying, your lease payments will be deposited directly to Motability from the Department of Work and Pensions. The amount will be deducted from your allowance of course, but the scheme is highly subsidised to make them significantly cheaper than what the same lease would otherwise cost out in the regular market. It also covers/subsidises several additional expenses, ranging from car insurance to repairs and maintenance.

Know Your Options

Several vehicle types are included under the scheme, including regular cars, scooters, special scooters, powered wheelchairs, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) and much more. You can find out more about WAVs by looking through your available options from the leading supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles. In addition to having the biggest collection of WAVs, they also have an extensive, step-by-step guide on how to get started with Motability schemes.

Know What You Need

You should have a comprehensive understanding of the available options in both Motability vehicles and schemes by now. However, you must also develop a proper understanding of your own requirements and financial position.

Be sure to choose a model that meets your requirements in terms of not just disability, but also functionality. For example, if you are able to drive and you have a family with children, then you should ideally lease a bigger WAV, preferably one that can comfortably fit the whole family and the wheelchair.

Don’t Undermine the Financial Consequences

Financial considerations must not be forgotten either. While it is true that the Motability scheme car leases do make the whole process a lot more affordable, you will still be losing a portion or all of your government allowances every week. Take some time, do your calculations, and make sure you don’t end up leasing a WAV or any Motability vehicle that you cannot afford to. This is especially true if your finances are currently reliant on your PIPs.

It’s better to lease a vehicle that’s sufficient to get the job done for now if your daily finances are highly dependent on the PIPs. Since Motability vehicles are essentially leases, you can always exchange your current vehicle for a better model later at almost no cost, after you gain more financial footing. On the higher tiers, there are some very lucrative models available on offer under the Motability scheme.