Hotels with a guaranteed charger at the hotel or within 250 metres

Founded out of personal frustrations from early adopting EV drivers, the booking site offers 60,000+ hotels with a guaranteed charger at the hotel or within 250 metres.

Charger untraceable? A socket behind locks? Or the charger broken? For the growing number of electric car drivers this kind of charge anxiety is the major challenge of taking their EV on holidays or business trips. Or for those thinking of buying an EV, the question of taking it on holidays is a major concern.

New booking site ensures this will be a thing of the past. Via electric drivers can choose out of 60.000 hotels in the UK and Europe with a guaranteed charger within 250 metres. After a long drive and an almost empty battery, this offers peace of mind and a carefree trip.

SleeperCharger has partnered with Expedia Group to offer a variety from 10.000 business hotels, holiday resorts and boutique accommodations with Guaranteed charging facilities onsite. Additional, SleeperCharger offers a one of a kind database of 50.000 hotels with public charging stations within 250 metres.