Best Car Amplifiers for Easy Fit DIY

Easy fitting is a relative term. It depends on your ability to remove and re fit your cars radio head unit.

If you can do that, then the easy part comes in with the amplifiers wiring. Plug & Play means simply removing the ISO plug from the back of the radio and plugging it into a harness with the small amplifier connected to it, and then reconnecting the radio end.

What's the catch? Why are all amp upgrades not this simple?

The trade-off is usually "Power." An average high power amplifier usually needs beefed-up power Fused supply cabling, and most are too large to fit behind the dash or glove box.

Finding a home for a large amp in the back of the car also requires signal (Phono) leads, and most standard factory radios do not have signal outputs.

We have solutions for factory head unit amplification with signal processors and Hi-Fi components, which will upgrade and enhance the sound in your car to a very high level.

If you are looking for a simple lift in sound quality, then one of the Vibe Powerbox Plug and Play Micro 4 Channel amplifier is what you need.

Vibe 4 Channel Class D Plug & Play ISO Amplifier 4 x 65w Powerbox65.4M

Amplifies and upgrades almost any OEM or aftermarket radio and is the biggest output micro amp on the market

Plug and Play adapters are available for ease of install if your car is not standard ISO

Small footprint, big impression! Vibe's latest amplifier technology allows us to deliver high performance in a tiny space.

You can also add the Mono Subwoofer Powerbox 400.1 amp to this product.

Another small footprint amplifier worth considering is the Kicker KEY 20W 4 Channel Smart Amp. Don't just make your system louder - make it clearer, make it better—explainer Video on the product page.

The MATCH UP 7BMW is a revolutionary sound upgrade for those who desire significantly more power and dynamics and care about seamless integration into your BMW Vehicle.

The Match M 5DSP Mk2 Plug & Play 5 Channel Micro Amplifier with DSP is also very small but requires specific car harness's

FOCAL Ultra Compact 4 Channel amp, ISO compatible DIGITAL AMPLIFIER Impulse 4.320 is another contender for Easy fit amplifiers.

Audison Prima is at the top end of sound quality, and while not as small as the mico amps mentioned above, they are compact and built to make the best sound in any car. For a few pounds more and a little more effort to fit, the Audison range will put a giant smile on your face.

Powerbox micro AB connections from Midbass Distribution on Vimeo.