Vibe 4 Channel Class D Plug & Play ISO Amplifier 4 x 65w Powerbox65.4M


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Plug and Play Micro 4 Channel amplifier

  • Amplifies and upgrades almost any OEM or aftermarket radio
  • The biggest output micro amp on the market
  • Plug and Play adapters available for ease of install

Small footprint, big impression! Vibe’s latest amplifier technology allows us to deliver high performance in an incredibly small footprint.

Our 4 channel Powerbox microamps are small, yet mighty, with up to 4 x 65w.

You can also add the Mono Subwoofer Powerbox 400.1 amp to this product.

The small size enables easy installation. The amplifier features a +12v remote output and daisy chain signal output making it an ideal system building block. The amp has the option to fit with ISO T harness directly to the head unit this supplies audio signal and power and earth meaning there is no need to connect a separate cable through to the vehicle's battery, just plug and play.



  • 4 x 65w @ 4 ohm
  • 520w Peak 1.5″ x 7.4″ x 3.2″ (37mm x 187mm x 82mm)
  • Molex to ISO connection included connecting to OEM unit (T-Harness required if your vehicle has a non-ISO type connector)
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
  • Crossover type: HP/Full
  • Crossover Range: 50Hz Class D micro amplifier

Powerbox 65.4 ISO Connections

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