Why Car Dealers Need to Use Automotive Text Messaging

Why Car Dealers Need to Use Automotive Text Messaging

Buying an automobile is a big deal for many people. This is because of how essential this asset would be and other factors.

As a result, they need to make informed decisions by asking all the right questions. Automobiles dealers are in the best position to tell you how inquisitive buyers can be before putting their money to use.

They ask questions that center on the vehicle’s features, the brand’s reputation, warranties, and several others. If you are interested in knowing the right questions to ask as a car buyer, you can visit: https://www.cnbc.com/

Considering that buyers need to ask dealers questions and dealers need to reach out to buyers, there is a need for a suitable communication platform. To this end, several options can be considered and have been explored.

Emails, phone calls, live visitor chat, and text messaging are some of them. The question is which one is the best. 

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We have gathered that text messaging offers a lot more than other options and we will discuss how this is the case here. We advise car dealers that want to take their business to the next level to continue to read and pay attention as they do so.

Some Benefits of Using Text Messaging as a Car Dealer

We are not just talking about sending regular texts to your established or prospective buyers. That would have its limitations and is why we advise working with an automotive text messaging company to help you out.

Such a service provider would have a system that would meet a lot of your business needs. This is especially as it concerns marketing and engaging your clients. Some of the benefits of working with such include the following:

Impressive Response from the Other End

In the bid to market and engage with your buyers, you should use a platform that guarantees feedback from the other end. The truth is that no other option does a better job than text messaging.

It has a feedback rate that beats many other alternatives. Well, the reason for this is not far-fetched. With phone calls, for instance, customers can refuse to answer the phone. Also, they may not be in the mood to open emails.

Well, the stakes are higher with automotive text messaging as your customers will likely read and even respond. So, you are advised to make the most of it for this reason.

A Lot Is Possible with Text Messaging

To gather leads and convert them to eventual buyers, you need a communication channel that allows you to do a lot. The channel must be able to send pictures, audios, and do a few other things. It should also enable the person on the other end to do the same.

All this is possible if you make the most of automotive text messaging as a car dealer. As a result, you stand a better chance of winning over your leads as they become buyers eventually.

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Impressive Delivery Rate

There are communication channels that have challenges with delivery. The email option is an example. The reason is that what is sent can end up in the spam folder. This can cause the person on the other end to miss out on important information.

While it is true that the email system is constantly improving, you would not have this problem if automotive text messaging is used. Whatever is sent would be delivered and this would happen right away.


Automobile dealers rely so much on their agents to close as many deals as possible. This is why these agents need to be given all that is required to get the job done.

You should know that many automobile dealer agents appreciate this communication channel so much. The reason is that they can relate better with their clients and win them over faster.

The possibility of sending pictures and having them delivered in real-time is an example of the benefits. This is because graphic details of the vehicle and other things can be sent out. This makes the eventual buyers rest assured that they are working with the right company.

The AI Advantage

We did mention the need to do just more than text messaging. As mentioned above, you are encouraged as a car dealer to work with an automotive text messaging service provider.

The way many of them make good use of Artificial Intelligence is one good reason why you should do this. There is the possibility of setting an auto-responder for instance.

Various Tasks can be Performed

You can perform so many tasks using automotive text messaging. Incentives can be promoted, inventory alerts can be sent out, and information on new models and features can be sent out.

These are just a few of the tasks that can be accomplished using this auto-dealer-friendly communication channel. 

On a Final Note

We have shed some light on the benefits of automotive text messaging for car dealers here. In addition to what has been mentioned, you should know that customers appreciate this communication channel a lot. To find out why this is the case, you can watch this video.

As you can tell from this article, automotive text messaging will do you a world of good as an auto-dealer. This is why you are strongly advised to make good use of it as an auto-dealer.