Deciding on Windshield Repair and Replacement Services By Insta Glass

Car breakdowns happen anywhere and at any time. Some breakdowns require a simple repair, while others need you to restore the broken part completely. As a car owner, you must know which parts, once damaged, need repair or replacement. It will help you deal with mechanics who sometimes take advantage of the situation or the driver's negligence.  Even though it may be impossible to know everything about your car, you must know all the crucial parts, including the windshield. Let us discuss a few pointers that will help discern whether you need a repair from insta glass or replace the entire thing.

 1.Size of the damage

The first determinant to knowing whether you need a windshield repair or replacement is always the size of the damage. Damages happen in two forms; chips and cracks. Chips are minor as compared to cracks. On most occasions, chips are repairable, while cracks need replacement.

 How extensive or deep is the damage? Driving around with a primarily cracked windshield is an offense. It can hinder you from clearly seeing traffic resulting in accidents.

 The typical replacement sign is when you have more than three cracks on your windscreen. If it is a single crack, but it runs along with the whole screen or halfway through it, it also needs a replacement. If the damage is less than an inch, the screen can be repaired using a windshield repair kit. Should the damage diameter be more than an inch, it calls for a glass replacement.


  1. Location of the damage

Other than the size, the location of the windscreen damage is equally important. Whether the crack is small or not, if it is on an area that creates a lot of risks, it requires a replacement. A break on the edges of a windshield is risky. It is more likely to widen or go more profound because of constant stress when the vehicle is at high speed or runs through bumps.

 The constant pressure can make it break, harming the driver and his passengers. Another location that clearly warns you to do a replacement quickly is if it is on the driver's line of sight. A broken windshield makes a car unsafe to drive because it decreases its visibility. It may, in turn, result in accidents causing casualties.

 It is also vital that view of sensors are visible. Any damage near these sensors needs quick replacement. These sensors include warning systems, rain sensors, and automatic braking systems, to mention a few. For safe driving, ensure no chips or cracks in this area. Read more here

  1. Depth of the damage

A windshield is not just made up of glass. Instead, it comprises two layers of glass and a plastic layer in between them. The depth of damage is also a determinant of either repair or replacement. Not all tears are repairable; some are extended, requiring a replacement.


A small chip that penetrates the first layer warrants a repair. However, if the crack penetrates through all the layers, it is too deep to be repaired. It needs a whole replacement. Driving around with a cracked windshield of such an enormous depth is a driving offense.

 The plastic layer between the two glass layers holds the windshield in place should there be a chip on the outer layer. Once a repair is done, everything is set. You can drive around if the damage is only on the outer layer, of a smaller size, and in a safe location. Click here to read more.



Damages on the windshield may result from accidents, heat, poor installation, glass quality, hit from a rock, and many more. Once you notice a chip or crack on your windscreen, please do not take a lot of time to repair or replace it. Ignoring them can cause even more significant damage.

 If there is damage and you do not know whether it needs repair or replacement, consult a glass expert who will assess the damage and advise you accordingly. Find a reputable company that will do a professional job, not just any mechanic. It ensures proper installation of the glass is done. A reputable company has professionals who will help you choose a good quality of windshield for your vehicle.