The Best Cars to Make Your Next Road Trip The Greatest Ever
Who doesn't love a road trip? For generations, it's allowed people to see the world the way they want to see it. Rather than sit around in departure lounges of fold yourself into pokey coach seats, road trips give you the freedom of the open road. You can go wherever you want whenever you want, and as long as you've got good company and a fantastic soundtrack, you'll never be short of enjoyment. 

But to take a road trip, you need a car, and while you could explore the world in your '11 plate 3-door Corsa, wouldn't you rather do it in style? For anyone planning to make their road trip one to remember for more than just the scenery, here are the best cars to make it the greatest ever. 

The Cat

You can never go wrong with a Jaguar, and with an abundance of Jaguar Used Cars available, they are arguably the perfect vehicle to start your road trip and see the world in style. Adored by Bond, and sure to catch people's eye wherever you go, they've got the power and the confidence to take you wherever you need. 

You'll need to consider the space, though, and don't expect to pile the whole family in while still having room for bags, food, and drink, but if you've got a special someone who has always wanted to see what the world has to offer, a Jag is the best way to treat them to it. 

The Adventurer

SUVs and 4x4s always make fantastic road trip vehicles. They are sturdy, they are spacious, and they are designed to deal with all kinds of terrain that, while sleek and stylish, is not something the Jaguar could do. 

The roof storage is superb for carrying additional bags and even a kayak if you're in an area with plenty of water to explore. At the same time, the back leaves room for emergency gear and can double as a place for you and your road trip buddy to sleep in if you don't make it to the campsite in time. With such stunning views everywhere you look, we can't blame you, though. 

The Hippy 

For many, the VW Van is synonymous with the road trip, and with plenty of space in the back for everything you could need, including a place to sleep and even a makeshift kitchen, you'll never need to worry about making it to a hotel. 

More than anything else, this is a vehicle that screams freedom, and you can bring as many people as will fit inside, so you can share driving duties and share good vibes with everyone you encounter no matter where you go. 

The Long and Winding Road

If you've got a craving for freedom and the time to take off from the shackles of real life, these cars will make your next road trip the most exciting you've ever had. Whether you're looking for sleek style as you cruise down the motorway, want to tackle tricky terrain, or need to spread the love, these vehicles are the best way to do so.