Would you pass your driving test now?

Perhaps you aren't driving as much at the moment? Why not use this time to brush up on your knowledge?

Learning to drive can be a bumpy journey, with one of the biggest downfalls being the right of way. Some junctions and situations are pretty simple when it comes to who has the right of way, but can you remember what those are? 

Veygo has released a fun quiz which will show the extent of your right of way knowledge: 

Once you've challenged yourself, you can see just what % of participants got that question right/wrong too. You can also join the leaderboard to see how well you did compare to everyone else on the road. 

Oh, and you only have 20 seconds to answer each question. After all, you wouldn't have endless time in a real-life situation! 

Would you pass your driving test now?  *beep beep* 

Test your knowledge here.