CarAudioStuff is Recruting

We are moving our business to online-only and concentrating on website development, offering fast delivery of a vast range of products from leading suppliers to our UK online customers.

We are closing our installation service workshop and will no longer offer any fitting services.

The premises at Dunbar will be used for warehouse storage and a collection point for any local customers.

We are seeking new staff members to help with this task. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with Ray on 01368 860800

When I started this business in 1975 repairing Radiomobile transistor car radios, there was no internet, and hardly anybody had a mobile phone. Your choice for in-car entertainment was a manual or pushbutton AM FM mono radio.

Fast forward through the years, my business grew to several branches in Scotland, distributing Sony, and primary dealers for Clarion, Alpine, Pioneer, Trio Kenwood, JVC etc.

For the last fourteen years, after I closed all the branches and downsizing to work from my hometown of Dunbar, the requirement to work on vehicles has diminished for many reasons, and the rise in online traffic has driven my decision to take this action.

My trusty sidekick Darren is also moving on and the fact that I'm not getting any younger leaves me looking for a more manageable work-life balance, so thank you to all our past local clients; we're still here and can still offer you the same products without the fitting part, sorry!