Useful Tips On How To Find The Right Winch For You

Useful Tips On How To Find The Right Winch For You

Off-roading is quite the adventure and throws up many unexpected moments, if you are thinking of regularly hitting the tracks others wouldn’t, one of the first things to consider is a winch.

There are several different options available on the market and deciding can be difficult, so we have run through the details you need to make the purchase that is right for you.

Choose Which Type Of Winch

To start on your journey to off-roading you should make a note of which type of winch you feel would best suit your circumstances. The powerful pulling tool is usually one of two main types – hydraulic or electric. This is in reference to the power source used needed.

An electric winch is the type most often used for everyday tasks, as it is the less expensive of the two and more than up to most tasks. Hydraulics are best considered when usage is likely to be longer and more often. With their power taken from the steering pump, they don’t have the issue of overheating like the battery-powered alternative. Hydraulic options are not as widely produced or easy to install, however, so getting advice from a knowledgeable stockist like Super Power Winch will help to ascertain if one of these winches meets your need.

Size Up The Right Winch

The most important thing when it comes to sizing up whether a winch can work for you is its capacity. Generally, the higher the available capacity the better but this will also require you to have other vehicle specs, like the battery, that can meet the needed output.

To ensure any winch used is suitable, there is an industry-wide recommendation that should calculate the gross vehicle weight (GVWR), which is made up of the base weight of what you are driving, coupled with any weight from passengers or other loads. Once you have this you should look for a winch capacity at least 1.5x greater to ensure it will be effective.

How Will You Mount A Purchase

Having a powerful rig with a mega engine, suspension and asset of mean tyres sounds cool, but when all those let you down it will be the winch and its location that come to the rescue. Mounting locations on the front bumper are fine if you’re not looking to venture far and just want a safety feature; low-mounted and easy to install, they will complete simple tasks.

If, however, you’re likely to encounter tougher terrain then a winch that gives you more options like a multi-mount or full winch is best. A multi-mount will mean you won’t have to permanently have the winch attached but requires more maintenance and cleaning after use. Should you want to fully commit, a high-mounted winch bumper offers quite the look and will meet pretty much every need.

Type Of Rope Options To Consider

When it comes to rope it is a choice between steel wire or synthetic. Again, the best choice will come down to how it is to be used. Steel is affordable, durable and easy to clean though has a weight to it that is for true off-roading scenarios. You should always wear protective equipment when handling. Synthetic options are more targeted toward general recoveries, and therefore, might not be the best option when off-roading in the future.