Why Celebrities Buy Private Plates

The purchasing of private plates has boomed in recent years. The DVLA has released the numbers on how much money has been spent per year on them, and the amount keeps increasing. Once upon a time, personalised number plates were a pastime of the wealthy. But now almost everyone is out to get a unique plate of their own.

 Celebrities have been in on this trend for a while. It looks likely that celebrities are influencing this trend to a major degree. There are several key reasons why celebrities choose to splash the cash on personalised number plates.

 In part, they wish to express their public personas, self-identity and uniqueness. But there are other more practical reasons, too. They help people in the eye continue to promote themselves and enhance their brand. And in recent years, purchasing personalised number plates has shown to be an increasingly strong investment opportunity.

 Expresses their unique personas

 We live in a time in history when there are more celebrities (famous people) than ever. We exist in a sea of celebrity culture with outreach that’s worldwide. Television, radio, film, businesspeople, sportspeople and many more variants mean they come in as many forms as are enjoyed by people.

Many of these celebrities, particularly the more artistic ones such as singers and actors, like to express themselves fully. And having a private plate stamped with their trademark of choosing is one such way celebrities feel they’re able to express their unique persona and position in society.

 Self-promotion and branding

 Owning personalised plates can hold special significance. Some celebrities have chosen to slap their chosen trademark upon them. David Beckham, for example, has ‘D7 DVB’ as one of his license plates. Anyone who follows people (most of the world) knows David Beckham. They also know number 7 is his favorite number. This is part of his iconography. It’s a part of his branding. And he sees this as not only an expression of his personality but also as a smart branding tactic which helps him remain in the public consciousness.

 This is more acutely the case with celebrities who’ve made their name in business. Successful entrepreneurs and business people understand that any opportunity to promote themselves is vital. And private plates engraved with their personal brand tagline, business name or initials for the cameras to see every time they drive is too good an opportunity to pass up.

 Sir Alan Michael Sugar, one of Britain’s most prominent and famous entrepreneurs and businessmen, has as one of his personalised number plates, ‘AMS 1’. The Apprentice star has paid the high price of having his registration number for his Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 as his initials with the number 1. And any number plate with the number 1 is extremely valuable.

 Personalised plates offer investment opportunities

 Owning private plates has become an investment opportunity. The data is there. The amount of money spent on private plates is increasing. Each personalised number plate that’s bought means there’s one less in existence because there can only be one of each kind. This means they continue to rise in value so long as they continue to become increasingly popular, as has been shown in recent years.

 Celebrities hold particularly powerful sway in cultures at large. They can set trends. And the more those in the public eye buy private plates, the more everyday people wish to do the same.

 License plates that hold special significance to people or culture are especially valuable. Private plates that include the number 1, for example, are especially valuable. Celebrities tend to like personalised plates with their names. And many names are seen as highly valuable because they’re so personal.

 They understand that each plate they buy is an investment opportunity. The market for personalised plates continues to increase. And being famous and adorned means however much they pay and whatever they stamp their private plates with will instantly increases the value of their vehicle.

 In fact, private number plates show such a strong historical record and the continued trend in market value that some people are choosing to invest in them over stocks and bonds.

 A more aesthetic appeal

 It’s no secret that celebrities tend to care about their appearance. Photographers, film crews and the judgment of the masses are everywhere they go. In light of this, it’s easy to understand why they take care of their public appearance. This includes the appearance of their favorite vehicles.

 Personalised plates enhance the aesthetics of their vehicles. These license plates don’t show the vehicle’s registration date, for example, making for a cleaner looking plate. Buying private plates also allows people to choose fewer digits.

 Having very few digits like a person’s initials, for example, also adds to the aesthetic appeal and aids in giving the vehicle a more classic, timeless look.