Top 5 Auto Mechanic Schools Online

While we all know how to take care of our vehicles and maintain the usual setup challenges, doing something beyond that requires specific knowledge and relevant training. It is a reason why so many people seek additional guidance and join auto mechanic schools. Of course, quite a lot will depend on the practical driving experience and testing of various situations in real-life environments. Nevertheless, if you are a seasoned driver with relevant experience, joining an auto mechanic school online might be a suitable option. Since it is easier in terms of time and accessibility, make sure that you check the following five entries. 

Top 5 Auto Mechanic Schools Online 

  1. Car Mechanic Training Course by One Education UK. 

At only 29,00 £, this great training is CPD accredited and helps to establish a successful career in the auto mechanics business. It is a training program at its best that focuses on the classic educational methods and provides you with both theory and practice. It is the course that helps to become confident and even train your writing and verbal delivery skills. If the latter frightens you, think about checking just in case you need to create a presentation or write a simple descriptive essay for an auto of choice. By joining this great course, you can be sure that it has all the necessary elements you must learn! 

  1. Online Car Mechanic Course by John Academy. 

If you would like to choose something more accessible, this CPD-accredited course is suitable for those who prefer to learn at their own pace with maximum flexibility. It’s the best choice for older students who want to have some peace as they receive quality training and ask questions by getting in touch with a personal instructor. It’s also accessible and has a good structure that will not have a steep learning curve. 

  1. Automotive and Mechanic Courses by the Manchester College. 

It is where you can find variety based on automotive learning. Starting with the entry-level auto mechanics education for people with no prior experience to Industry Excellence Academy courses, you can learn and even gain industry placement upon completion. Once you have relevant certification, it is a guarantee of building a successful career! 

  1. Automotive & Mechanical Courses by GTG Training. 

If you are located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Wolverhampton, you can enjoy more than just online learning by joining spacious workshops where you can actually see all the necessary auto mechanic equipment required for learning. 

  1. Motor Mechanics by MidKent College. 

If you prefer a more defined auto mechanics course in the UK, MidKent College is the way to go, as it ranges from basic automotive programmes to advanced levels. It offers a hybrid form type of education where online theory is paired with numerous hands-on maintenance and repair practices. In addition to working in the motor workshops, you will also master several engineering repair theories. While they may not offer driving schools or road test facilities, it is the way to learn why you must be cautious as a driver! If you want to take your theory skills to another level, do not miss this one as you choose among the available options! 

Learning Online Tips to Consider 

Remember that joining an auto mechanic school online is still a learning experience where you must adhere to the rules and follow the given instructions to the letter. It is recommended to choose courses and curriculum offerings that focus on theoretical learning online and require a physical exam to mark the completion. This way, you can combine both remote learning and physical presence education as you go through the practical training. If your chosen auto mechanic school provides online-only type of learning, keep things disciplined and go for those offerings that provide lifetime access or at least a chance to download all the learning content for later use. 


Diane Sherron is a self-taught auto aficionado with a passion for technology and education. As a technical writer and analyst, she loves to write on subjects that range from automotive industry news to education and social issues. Follow Diane to learn something new and find inspiration.