The Pros & Cons Of Washing Your Car By Hand

Washing your car is a crucial part of regular maintenance. By keeping your car clean, you prevent dirt and grime from damaging different areas, and you can stop rust from taking hold of your vehicle as well. Plus, it keeps your car looking its absolute best as well.

You've got two main options when washing your car:

—     Wash by hand

—     Use an automated car wash

Which one is best for you? Well, let's take a look at the pros and cons of handwashing your car to see how both options differ:

Pro: Costs less money

The distinct advantage is that it costs less money to clean your car by hand. You pay for the soap and cleaning tools once, then you use them over and over again. So, for people on a budget, cleaning by hand might be the better option. Plus, there are really high-quality cleaning products out there that can be used at home, but give a professional-looking finish. Consider something like Auto Finesse Snow Foam for the best results!

Con: Not as thorough as an automatic wash

When you wash your car by hand, there will always be a few spots that you just can't reach. Unless you own a garage where you can raise it up, you'll be unable to clean underneath your vehicle. There are also loads of nooks and crannies that are hard for you to reach by yourself.

On the other hand, an automated car wash can provide a more thorough clean for your car. There are places like California Cars & Commercial that offer car washing services that include washing under the chassis, cleaning the wheel alloys, and giving your vehicle a proper full body cleanse and dry. So, for detailed cleaning, an automated wash is perhaps the best.

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Pro: Easier to remove tough marks

While automated car washes will provide more cleaning coverage, a hand wash lets you get rid of tough arks with ease. This is because you're in control of the cleaning process, so you can dictate how much effort and elbow grease is put into it.

Sometimes, you can put your car through a wash and see that a few stubborn marks haven't come off. So, you end up cleaning them by hand anyway, or putting it through for a second wash! With hand washing, you can remove the stubborn marks with more ease.

Con: Takes much longer

The main downside of hand washing is that it will take far longer than an automated wash. It can take a few minutes to put your car through an automated system, and then you're done. Some will even have drying systems in place to make things go faster as well.

When you wash by hand, you're looking at a good hour-long job - probably more. So, if you don't have much time on your hands, then washing by hand might not work for you.

The truth is, both options are more than capable of keeping your car clean and ensuring you follow a good maintenance routine. The option you choose depends on your own situation. If you need a quick wash because you're strapped for time, then automated washes are the best solution. If you like to take your time and save money, then hand washing works. Of course, for the most thorough wash ever, you could use an automated one followed by hand washing to remove the most stubborn stains!