Steelmate - This months featured Brand

This is going to be a regular post featuring some of the brands that we at CarAudioStuff support.

Let's start with Steelmate Automotive UK.

What makes Steelmate different?

 Aftermarket vehicle safety and innovation products, including parking sensors, cameras, monitors, heated seat kits, and tyre pressure monitoring systems.

The innovation is in the fact that this company has some unique products and also goes the extra length to satisfy with customization of their parking sensors.

You can have them painted to the exact paint code colour of your vehicle.


Parking sensors detect how close you are to an object or vehicle, giving you confidence when reversing into tight spots.

Parking sensors spare parts & accessories



Steelmate Cameras



Cameras & monitors make reversing safer, giving you a clear view of what's behind your vehicle.



Need that extra warmth during those cold mornings and nights? Our heated seat kits can be installed in most vehicles.



Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) monitor your tyre pressures and warn you if they go above or below a certain threshold.

I especially like Steelmate for some of their quirky products.

Take, for instance, this Baby Seat Alarm, What a novel idea!

Another bonkers idea is the Anti Collision Alert System. I was on holiday recently and in a bus following a lot of traffic when one of the cars in front caught my attention with his dancing brake lights. I had not seen this system before, every time he hit the brakes, his centre brake light did a little flashing display before settling steady like all the other cars.  You couldn't miss this guy.

It comes in two versions, one for bulbs & one for LED lights.

So if you need reverse parking sensors for your car, van, or commercial truck. Steelmate can supply front or back kits painted to the exact colour of your vehicle at amazingly reasonable prices.