Review of Retrosound s New Classic Line-up from an Exciting Era in Car Stereo Technology

Retrosound is the industry leader in its field and are renowned for continuously innovating the automobile audio industry. There is a lot of talk about their most recent addition to the Classic vehicle radio product line, and with good reason.

A Revolution in Classic Car Audio: The Motor 1 DAB with Bluetooth

The Retrosound Classic product line is seeing a significant change, with the introduction of the Motor 1 DAB model with Bluetooth. This impressive new stereo adds a modern spin to the Classic range. It has all the charm and character of the vintage models, with a clean, minimalist design that perfectly integrates with any classic car's interior.

Change and Evolution: The Discontinuation of the Motor 2 Model

I personally am puzzled as to why they dropped the popular Motor 2DAB (Hermosa) which had similar features to the Motor 6 San Diego with higher power output and multi-coloured display etc.

But with the introduction of the new, there's often the departure of the old. In a surprising move, Retrosound has decided to discontinue the popular Motor 2 model from their line-up.

Beyond its design aesthetics, the Motor 1-1 DAB model boasts an impressive suite of features that place it at the forefront of car stereo technology. Its DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) technology brings digital radio to your classic car, promising high-quality, interference-free audio that makes every ride a sonic adventure.

The addition of Bluetooth to the Motor 1-1 DAB model offers seamless connectivity. Whether you're streaming your favourite playlist, listening to an audiobook, or taking a hands-free phone call, the Motor 1-1 DAB ensures your drive remains an enjoyable and safe experience.

However, it is based on the Motor1 which has 18 watts and a white-only display which is reflected in the price.

The Motor 2 model has been a favourite among classic car owners, thanks to its perfect balance between classic design and modern features. Its retirement has left a void in the hearts of many retro sound enthusiasts. But, every evolution comes with its own set of gains and losses.

The Silver Lining: Information Booklets

We believe in the power of information. We'd printed hundreds of information booklets featuring Retrosound's earlier product line-up just before the introduction of the new model and discontinuation of the Motor 2. These booklets can now be seen as collectors' items, capturing a snapshot of Retrosound's history before its latest evolution, not really 😊 We had the foresight to incorporate QR code technology into our booklets and a simple flick of your phone’s camera will still take you to the live product with the correct prices on the website.

The Future Looks Bright

The changes in Retrosound's lineup reflect the dynamic nature of technology and the continuous drive for improvement. While the absence of the Motor 2 model may be a loss for some, the introduction of the Motor 1 DAB with Bluetooth signals an exciting new era in the world of classic car audio.

At the end of the day, Retrosound continues to bridge the gap between the nostalgic past and the technological present, offering the best of both worlds for classic car enthusiasts. Here's to the old, the new, and the future – long live the beautiful symphony of classic cars and sophisticated sound! The launch of the Motor 1 DAB has significantly altered the Retrosound Classic product line and are in stock now for free next-day delivery.

Mortor1A (entry-level) Laguna

Motor1DAB (Good) Laguna DAB

Motor 1-1DAB (Better) Hermosa DAB

Motor6 (Best) San Diego