Maserati GranTurismo audio rescue mission.

When you get a call from the Maserati dealer saying they have a car with a chopped up dash and a non-working radio, it all sounds straight forward enough.

It is not until we saw what someone had done that it became apparent that this was no ordinary installation.

The cars standard Magneti Marelli M145 had been basically butchered and the dash was chopped to accommodate a cheap Chinese screen unit. 

The first job was to remove the junk and try to fabricate a new panel for the dash aperture. Once we had made this part, it was sent to our local Bodyshop to be finished and painted.

Next, we installed a Sony 22.7 cm (8.95") DAB Media Receiver with Bluetooth XAV-AX8050D  

We did a few other small checks on the vehicles electrics and I think the end result is quite good, what do you think?