Improving The Sound System In Your Car Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know

For drivers who spend a lot of time on the road, having the right sound system is crucial. Whether you love listening to podcasts, having the radio on, blasting your favourite driving playlist or chatting to your pals over the hands-free system, the audio equipment in your vehicle will make a huge difference to your driving experience.

Thankfully, a high-quality sound system isn’t the luxury it once was. Modern cars usually come with some form of audio equipment, and even some of the most affordable cars have great sound systems.

Still, enhancing your car’s audio set-up and tailoring it to your individual specifications can be a fun project. If you want to boost the sound in your car and create the perfect driving experience, then keep reading to find out more about how to easily enhance your car’s sound system.

Understand Your Car’s Existing Sound System

Before you enhance anything, you need to understand it and know exactly what you’re working with. This applies to your audio system especially, as you need to understand what types of speakers and other audio equipment you have in your vehicle and how they work. If your car is brand new, then you can read the owner’s manual that comes with it to find out what gear was installed by the manufacturer. For those buying a used vehicle, it can be harder to find out about the audio equipment, especially if the car has been modified by its previous owner. Ask the seller about the sound system when buying your car, and then check it out yourself to verify their information.

Find The Right Speaker Set-Up

For the uninitiated, car speakers might all look basically the same, but most of the units have a different function in your vehicle. For example, there are woofers, which are bass speakers designed to produce sounds between 50 and 1000 HZ, and Tweeters, which produce the highest possible sounds of between 2000 and 20,000 HZ. Then there are speakers in between these ranges, all of which have a specific place in your sound system and a unique function when distributing sound. The type of speakers you need, and how many you should have, will depend on the size of your vehicle and the type of audio you enjoy listening to. To begin creating the right speaker set-up, you need to understand the different types of car speakers on offer. You can then start to consider which ones will be the best ones for your unique requirements.

Put Your Subwoofer In A Box

One type of speaker that makes a significant difference to your audio output is a subwoofer. Like woofers, a subwoofer deals with lower frequencies of between 20 and 200 HZ, like the sounds produced by bass guitars, drums and other bass instruments. Because of the nature of bass sounds, subwoofers often vibrate a lot, which can affect your car’s performance and distract you as a driver. That’s why you should find the right subwoofer box. These innovative containers, usually made from cardboard or a light wood, can absorb the shock from the vibrations of the speaker and improve the quality of the sound it producers. The result is a better driving and listening experience for you, so it’s worth using a subwoofer box as part of your car’s sound system.

Install An Amplifier

As well as a strong speaker system, your car will also need an amplifier. Amps are not just about increasing the volume of sound that your car’s audio set-up emits; they’re designed to improve the power to your speakers. While you might think your speakers are already pretty powerful, a good amplifier can make a world of difference and provide pure power to your sound system, which isn’t used for anything but enhancing the quality of your car’s audio output. The result will be a cleaner, crisper sound for you to enjoy while you drive. Most car amps are easy to instal yourself, so you can add them to your audio set-up and start enjoying the benefits of a bold, fresh sound as soon as possible. When choosing an amp, review the power options and the specifications to find the right one to go with the rest of your car’s audio kit.

Inform Your Insurance Company

If you’re making significant modifications to your vehicle that could affect its value, then you might need to let your insurance provider know. It may affect your premium, so get in touch with them to find out. If you’re looking for car insurance designed for cars like yours, then find out more about modified car insurance from Reis Motorsport Insurance here. These policies are designed with modified and high-performance cars in mind, so they’ll have the cover that suits your unique needs.

Use Quality Audio Files For The Best Results

Once you’ve set up your new sound system, you can start having fun and using it while you’re out on the road. For the best possible sound, use the best source material. That means finding high-quality audio files. When you’re storing digital files on your phone or MP3 player, you might think that getting compressed files is the best choice, because they’re smaller and therefore give you more storage space. However, compressing digital files means they lack the depth of the full-sized audio file, which means you’ll lose a lot of the background sounds from your music. For the best sound possible, get the biggest file size available and consider external storage to give you more space on your device. If you’re streaming music, then check your settings to ensure that you always get the highest possible audio quality.

To Sum Up

Ultimately, your sound system is your constant driving companion, so you need to make sure that it delivers the quality audio you want for every trip. Finding the right equipment for your car can be fun, but only if you do your research and make informed choices. The tips listed here should help you to create your dream audio set-up in your car and make every journey feel like a concert.