How To Make Money With Your Car

There's no denying that your car is your pride and joy, and it's not just a way of getting from A to B. Your vehicle is something you enjoy driving, maintaining, and showing off to your family and friends! The only downside of owning your car, of course, is the ongoing costs.

Owning a car and keeping it roadworthy costs money, and some people's pride and joys might cost more than others. You're likely reading this article because you're trying to find ways to ease that financial burden. The good news is you've come to the right place!

Here are some genius ways that you can make some money with your car:


Do you love your motor so much that you've turned it into an award-winning show car? If so, you should consider signing a sponsorship deal with an automotive industry company. For example, you could promote an audio brand if you use their products in your ICE setup.

Alternatively, companies can sponsor your vehicle by just having their branding printed onto vinyl graphics that go on your car. When the sponsorship deal ends, you can easily remove the vinyl advertising, causing no damage to your pride and joy's paintwork.

Delivery Work

These days you can easily use a private car for delivery work for certain companies. For instance, the Amazon Flex program allows participants to deliver small Amazon parcels to customers - and they even provide the business insurance that you need.

Other lifestyle courier companies include Hermes and Yodel. You could even deliver same-day documents such as passports or legal paperwork for private courier companies. There's a raft of delivery opportunities out there for car owners.


Everyone knows Uber and how it works. If you've got a taxi licence, you can use your vehicle for Uber work. There are two ways you can earn money with Uber: you can transport passengers, or you can deliver takeaways and groceries through Uber Eats.

The Uber app is relatively straightforward to use, and you can work when it suits you. There's no requirement for you to do a minimum number of hours each week, making it one of the most flexible ways to make money with your car.

Vehicle Rental

There was once a time where you could only hire a car through well-known brands like Avis. These days, anyone who seldom uses their vehicle can rent it out to people who need a vehicle to use temporarily.

Before you use a platform for renting out your car, check their terms and conditions. For example, some firms may not allow vehicles to get rented out if they have a logbook loan or even car finance attached to them.

Film Props

Last but not least, your car could become famous on the big screen! Movie producers are always looking for vehicles to have in some outdoor scenes, and yours could feature in the next cinematic release.

You might even get a cameo role in a movie driving your car or using it to pick up one of the film's actors in some scenes!