How to convert classic car radio, why bother?

A few companies in the UK offer vintage car radio conversion kits or classic car radio repair services.

Old car radio for Classic Cars may look the part and enhance the authentic feel of your dash.

As the name implies, Classic Car Stereo should be stereo output, and many old car radios have only low output mono audio output, typically six watts.

So even after a complete Classic Car radio upgrade on your old car radio, you will not have modern features like Bluetooth, Digital Audio DAB or even a decent up to date FM tuner.

The best classic car stereo will have all the latest modern circuitry with the latest digital technology and also still fit in your existing spindle or Din fitting without any vehicle modification and maintaining the authentic look of your classic car radio.

Retro radios for Classic cars from Retrosound are built in a modular design with the radio motor body separate from the spindle brackets; this makes for very versatile installation possibilities.

You can mount the fascia nose piece with the pushbuttons and the control spindle knobs separate from the radio, meaning some impossible installation positions  (for other radios) are easy for Retrosound.

Vintage Vehicle Radios come in all shapes and sizes, and we have a solution for every application. Whether you have an old British Classic like a Mini, MGB or Triumph or a German VW Camper or even an American muscle car like a Mustang, we have one for you.

Our range includes special Classic car speakers with single and dual voice coils for in-dash or pod mounting, Small under a seat or boxed Classic Car Subwoofers, and a full range of electric, plus special classic body mount aerials and accessories for your vintage ride.

So if you were wondering whether to get your old original classic car radio repaired or updated, why bother when you can have a new modern Retrosound with so many options and styles?

All Retrosound Classic car Stereo units are 12 volts negative earth only.

We also have some hidden audio solutions; if you prefer not to have a radio in your dash, please contact us for more information.