Car Trends That We Have Seen So Far In 2020

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In today's blog, we are going to take a look at some of the main trends that have been making an impact in the auto industry this year. While we get toward the end of a year, it is always a good idea to look back and see what consumers have been interested in for the past 12 months. With that being said, let's look at three key trends to consider.

Performance Car Tuning

Performance car tuning usually falls into two main categories; modifying a car to extract as much performance from it as possible or carrying out alterations that are primarily cosmetic in nature. Things that fall into the latter category often include the fitting of specialist body kits, spoilers, and side skirts or all-out paint jobs.

Most performance car parts can do both, though. You may have had that new exhaust fitted to offer performance enhancements by reducing back pressure, allowing a better flow of air, and fuel to the engine. But it has to be said, it does look pretty good, too. Fitting side skirts, new front, and rear bumpers, and lightweight Mag wheels can improve the look of your vehicle beyond measure. But, they may also assist by improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the car too, which ultimately can impact on fuel economy and contribute to speed. The most important thing for any beginner to remember, though, is that all makes and models of cars are different and what will fit one may not be right for another. Always check you're buying a product that is specific to your car to avoid disappointment and wasted money. The other key thing to note is that the installation of some car tuning parts will impact on other areas and require further changes to prevent damage to the vehicle and enhance any improvements made. Not all modifications work well together, either, so you may need to pick and choose after some intense research that is right for your vehicle, your requirements of it, and the budget you have to spend on it.

Alloy Wheel Enhancements

Alloy wheel repair specialists are whom you want if you are looking for a set of alloys refurbished. But the difficult question is how to tell the good firms, which will do a great job and not charge you the earth, from the bad. This article offers a few pointers.

The most important factor to ascertain is whether the company you are looking at is indeed an expert in alloy wheel repair. This is a specialist service; so you should look for relevant experience, company history, and so on. A useful indicator will be any gallery of images of past projects carried out, so you can get a good idea of the quality of this company's work. 

Testimonials or independent reviews from past customers are also valuable. If it is important to you not to be without your car for any length of time, check with the specialist in question how long the service will take and whether you can book in at a time convenient to you. Some specialists will be able to visit you at your home to carry out the alloy wheel refurbishment service. A responsible company will post its full terms of service on its website, so you know what to expect from the alloy wheel refurbishment process. Read this carefully, so you are making an informed choice before you book your wheels in. Finally, the company should be open about its pricing policy. You don't want to encounter hidden extras at a later date.

Can You Get Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair?

Mobile alloy wheel repair is great news if you have a busy life and find it hard to fit in all those administrative tasks around your work and home commitments. But how does this kind of service work and when might you need it? 

Essentially, instead of taking your car to the garage, the mobile alloy wheel refurbishment team will come to you. The job can be carried out at a time that's been previously agreed to suit you, and at the location of your choosing. You can, therefore, have your wheels refreshed and renewed while you're at home, or at work if that is more convenient. But when should you consider paying for alloy wheel refurbishment? 

A brand new set of alloys looks great and really enhances the appearance of your car. All too soon, the shine can fade, though: a major cause of damage to alloys is driving through potholes in the road. Another common factor is when the wheels strike the curb when parking – and let's face it, who doesn't do this from time to time? Besides accidental damage, though, there is the general wear and tear that can build up over time. Rims can become dusty and dirty, and polishing with the wrong equipment can cause scratches. Environmental factors such as ice, rain, and sand can cause erosion. Any paint job on the alloys can become dull and faded over time. The good news is that this process can be reversed.

Making Money By Hiring Out Your Camper Van

Websites for hiring camper vans are increasing in popularity, especially as going abroad has not been much of a reality for people this year. More and more people are looking for a camper van to hire, whether it is for a holiday or merely for use as a wedding car vehicle. If you have your own camper van, renting it out is definitely an option you should think about. How often do you use your camper van? Is it sitting on your driveway most of the time? In fact, on average a camper van actually sits on its owner's drive for 80 per cent of the year. Instead, it could be making you money! We all know that the maintenance and running costs associated with camper vans aren't cheap. Well, by hiring yours out, you could cover these expenses and even make a bit of additional income on top. Sound appealing? Read on to find out more…

Making money from something you already own, what could be better? People don't only want to hire VW camper van options; all types of camper vans are popular nowadays. You have something that is in demand. Nevertheless, you may still be feeling skeptical, and it is likely because you envision a lot of hassle, the hassle that you simply don't want. This is an understandable concern. Not everyone wants to deal with the hiring process, sign over their camper van exclusively to a rental company, and have to look for various insurance plans, and so on and so forth. However, the good news is that you actually don't have to worry about any of this. Whilst a lot of companies may operate in this way, there are some specialist companies that will make it as easy as possible for you. It is simply about finding them.

Look for a company that makes the entire camper van hire process as easy and straightforward as possible. They should have several different options for you to choose from. So, let's begin by explaining the perfect solution for those who want the minimum hassle. With this option, find a company that will do virtually everything for you. They will advertise your camper van on their website free of charge. Once you get a lead you will pay them a commission and you will also have insurance costs to pay as well. Nevertheless, in return, they will do everything from arranging your insurance cover, to marketing your van, to finding hirers, to dealing with the admin side of things. Literally, the only thing you need to do is ensure your camper van is roadworthy, suitable for hire, and taxed. The only time you will have to spend on the hiring of your vehicle is when you drop it off.

This is an exceptionally popular option with a lot of customers who want to advertise camper van hire. However, there are those that want a cheaper solution or indeed want to have more control over the hiring process. This is why you need to do some digging online, as there will be other packages that are more suitable to you. With this option, the company will again advertise your van free on our website yet you will pay less commission. This is because they simply advertise your van yet you take care of everything else that is entailed. The choice is completely yours. 

During peak season, if you go for a company offering this sort of option you can expect to make £800+ per week, yet you will have insurance and such like to deal with yourself. With the former option, where the company will take care of everything, you can earn £600+ per week. 

To conclude, these three trends have been making an impact in 2020. Let's see what lies ahead for 2021!