Advantages of Using Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels

Cars are not cheap, and it is not a surprise that many owners treat them as their babies. Vehicles require high maintenance if you want them to serve you for a long period. They need regular servicing and cleaning.

Most people take their vehicles to car wash stores for cleaning where various kinds of car towels are used. Different kinds of towels are used when cleaning not only the body but also the vehicle’s interior.

However, it is best when you use microfiber towels as an alternative because it suits all of your needs. That said, here are a few reasons why professionals prefer using microfiber car cleaning towels over any other kind.

Best for auto detailing

Microfibers are best for cleaning because they have very tiny fibers that can easily grip dirt to the towel and away from the surface of the vehicle. On the other hand, regular towels only spread dirt and dust instead of wiping them away.

When fibers rub together, they create a static charge making the cloth a more effective cleaning material because dirt particles are then attracted by the charge produced. During a professional auto detailing, professionals use microfiber cloths during cleaning because of its large surface area making it easy to remove grime.

Professionals nicknamed microfiber clothes as dirt magnets because they attract 99% of dirt unlike regular towels. Therefore, it is best to use them when cleaning the interior of your car and even the body. Read more here

Microfiber is gentle on delicate surfaces

Fibers are very tiny hence why they are not abrasive and very soft. There are two types blends found in this material. These are polyester and polyamide. When looking for an extremely soft towel to be used on sensitive or delicate surfaces, opt for one with more of polyamide in it.

The polyamide blend is extremely soft compared to polyester. A soft cloth is recommended when cleaning a car because it ensures that its paint remains intact. The clothes are non-abrasive too.

Not only is this cleaning towel gentle on sensitive surfaces of the car but it also cleans away all the dirt particles. It lifts away particles off the surface of a vehicle leaving it immaculately clean. The softness and non-abrasive nature of the cleaning towel ensures that there are no scratches made on the surfaces by debris and dirt particles while one is cleaning.

They are extremely absorbent

Another flex of using this specific kind of towel is that it is very absorbent. When cleaning, water can accumulate into a puddle that requires you to use a cloth to suck up the water. Not every type of material soaks up water quickly.

Some are absorbent while some will need a lot of time and patience in order to dry out the puddle. Nobody would want to spend a huge amount of time trying to soak out water. This is why professionals go for a microfiber clothing.

They are extremely absorbent and will take seconds to dry puddles without leaving any water marks. These clothes dry just as quickly as they are absorbent. This nature omits any chances of bacteria growing on them. Click here to read more.

They are re-usable

Another reason why professionals prefer this cloth over other cleaning clothes is because they are re-usable. Compared to other materials, they are more durable. They can also withstand many washes making them re-usable.

These towels can be used in other places other than the automotive industry. They can be used in hospitals, daycares, and janitorial services, to mention a few. Many workers prefer this material because they do not inhibit any bacteria since they dry up quickly. This property allows them to be re-used.

Instead of completely absorbing liquids, it holds them and dries out while other materials cannot hold in water. This fact about other material is what renders them useless hence why they are not popular in automotive detailing or cleaning services.
They can be washed and used multiple times without them having tears or collecting bacteria. You do not have to worry about finding another cleaning towel the next day because they can be re-used. The polyester blend in the material is what makes the microfiber cloth durable. Save money by investing in these towels because they are re-usable.

They are versatile  

Microfiber towels are versatile. This means that they can be adapted to different functions or uses. This is why they are very popular in automotive detailing. The towels are not designed to just perform a specific function.

You can use them to clean car glasses and the interior and as well use them on the car body and tires. They are very gentle and will leave the car glossy and without any scratches. They are not limited for interiors and glossy parts of a vehicle only. 

There are different types of fiber towels that can be used on various parts of your vehicles. When detailing, differentiate which towel will clean which part of your vehicle depending on their GSM. A more plush and soft fiber towel is best for the interior and delicate surfaces. You cannot use such to clean your car tires.

The towels come in different GSMs to maximize their uses. Although made from the same materials, the towels have different components or blends that uniquely separates their uses. It is essential that a detailer has vast knowledge on such to ensure they use the right towel on the right parts.


As discussed above, microfiber clothes keeps on gaining popularity because of its effectiveness unlike regular materials. The different blends of fibers perform different function. Polyester provides durability while polyamide makes the cloth extremely soft.

It can be quite a challenge to find the right microfiber towel in the market. If you are not careful, you might end up with the wrong type. Perform a test to ensure the cloth is absorbent or has a good gripping effect when wiped across surfaces.

It is also important to note that once you buy a towel, you must remove the tag to avoid any scratch marks on your car.