Adding Aftermarket Amplifiers To Cars?

Looking to add BASS to a factory system? 

The legendary LC2i is the industry-standard in high to low-level signal conversion with patented AccuBASS technology.


Adding an amp and sub but need to provide a dummy load too?


The LC2i Pro is AudioControl's latest and greatest active line convertor with built-in dummy load with switchable resistance.

Planning to add a multi-channel amplifier to an OEM headhunt?

The LC6i is one of the easiest ways to integrate a multi-channel amplifier system with almost any vehicle with built-in signal summing and 6 channel high voltage output.


Need a multi-channel Line Output Converter with signal summing and AccuBASS?

The LC7i includes the most popular features needed for today's more complex factory integration installations, with 6ch of input and output, signal summing and patented AccuBASS technology.

Have a more complex factory system that requires summing?

The LC8i is a great choice when you need to sum together multiple channels of amplified signal as well as add an additional source to an existing OEM system.


Does your OEM system have limited audio adjustment?

The LCQ-1 is your simple solution! With 6 channels of input and output, signal summing AccuBASS and equalisation for each set of outputs, this versatile piece is ready to make a good stereo great! 


Need an LOC that also has EQ, AccuBASS and time alignment?


A unique piece with some awesome features, the DQ-61 is essentially a basic DSP with analogue controls. There isn't much that it can't do! If you want or need to keep the factory head unit, but require more than a traditional line output can deliver the DQ-61 is for you!