Add a camera to Citroen, Peugeot, Toyota, Vauxhall vehicles (NAC)

Add a rear parking camera to the original screen on select Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Toyota and Opel/ Vauxhall vehicle models with a 7 or 8 inch NAC High or Low navigation touch screen monitor.

Please note: This interface is designed for vehicles with 7 or 8 inch NAC touch screens

For 9 or 10 Inch NAC touch screens, please use 27-563-10

InCarTec camera kit

This interface allows you to connect a reverse camera to the original factory fitted touch screen and display a rear view camera image when putting the vehicle into reverse gear.

NAC touch screen camera

This interface also gives the option to add active guidelines to aid with reverse parking and integrates with the vehicles original parking sensors to provide a visual parking display.

CarAudioStuff reversing cameras

Compatible on select vehicle models with a 7/8 inch NAC Low or NAC High Infotainment system. Also known as a Navi 5.0 touch screen on select Vauxhall/ Opel vehicle models.

Citroen (7 inch NAC Low or NAC High Infotainment) Peugeot (7 inch Connect Nav, NAC Low & NAC High) 
Berlingo III (2019 Onwards)
C3 (2017 Onwards)
C4 (2017 Onwards)
C4 Aircross (2017 Onwards)
C4 Picasso (2017 Onwards)
C5 (2017 Onwards)
C6 (2016 Onwards)
Space Tourer (2016 Onwards)
Dispatch /Jumpy (2016 Onwards)
208 (2019 Onwards)
308 (2019 Onwards)
408 (2019 Onwards)
508 (2019 Onwards)
2008 (2017 Onwards)
3008 (2017 Onwards)
4008 (2017 Onwards)
5008 (2017 Onwards)
Expert (2017 Onwards)
Partner (2017 Onwards)
DS Automobiles (7 inch NAC Low or NAC High Infotainment) Toyota (7 inch Connect Nav, NAC Low & NAC High)
DS3 Crossback (2018 Onwards)
DS4 (2017 Onwards)
DS5 (2017 Onwards)
DS7 Crossback (2017 Onwards)
ProAce (2017 Onwards)
ProAce City (2019 Onwards)
Fiat (7 inch Connect Nav, NAC Low & NAC High) Vauxhall/Opel (8 inch Navi 5.0 touch screen)
Scudo 3rd gen (2022) Corsa (2019 Onwards)
Combo (2019 Onwards)
Crossland X (2016 Onwards)
Grandland (2016 Onwards)
Vivaro (2019 Onwards)