When you’re travelling for hours every day, you need something to make your daily commute a bit more bearable and if you’re a car driver that’s got to be listening to music or the radio; anything to make that motorway crawl pass by a bit quicker.

But if your car is a bit older or your stereo system isn’t up to scratch, then you might be thinking of upgrading your car or just your sound system. We take a look at some ways you can bring life back to your daily drive without breaking the bank.

Upgrade your output

Your car definitely came with some speakers but they might be a little on the basic side, so much so that they begin to distort at even the thought of being turned up loud. When you need to crank it up to 11, then you need some speakers that do the job.

A decent set of speakers doesn’t have to cost the earth and are relatively straightforward to fit. They’re an easy win and you’ll notice the difference straight away so shop around for a bargain.

You might also consider finding some room for a subwoofer and amplifier. You don’t have to be a bass fanatic to have one these and they can be fitted discreetly in the boot. Subwoofers will simply amplify some of the lower frequencies and give your sound a rounder feel to it.

If you want to help reduce some of that shaking and distortion caused by the surrounding plastic and metal reverberating then installing sound deadening padding can also help give you a much crisper sound.

Change the unit

If you’re car is that bit older then chances are the stereo unit itself is going to be a little limited in options. Changing up this part of the system should give more oomph to the speakers and allow you to change up some of the levels to your exact requirements. You’ll probably be able to pick up DAB radio as well.

If you’re thinking of completely redoing your stereo system then you’ll need to remove all your existing kit. It’s a job that can be done by a car enthusiast with a little bit of knowledge but if you’re in any doubt ask your local garage to recommend an auto technician to do it for you.

It might be that the investment of a new stereo system just doesn’t represent good value for money and trading up your car for a more comfortable commute seems like a far better option.  Naturally this will cost more but there’s the option of borrowing money from your bank or investigating car finance guarantor loans.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you have to spend a significant part of your day inside that small metal box, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your entertainment. Whether you’re buying a new stereo or a new car give yourself a break from tinny speakers and poor quality sound and soothe away the miles with some new kit.

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