BMW drivers have been found to be the worst drivers on the road. 

Shedding light on the UK’s angriest and worst drivers, asked 1000 respondents their opinions when it came to the worst drivers on the roads. 

Survey results revealed that BMW drivers were considered the worst drivers with 68% of respondents choosing them in a multiple-choice question. Audi drivers came second with 50%, whilst Mercedes was third at 47%. 

It’s not all bad news for Mercedes drivers as they were also voted the best-looking drivers too, gaining 14% of the total vote. 

Peugeot drivers were unfortunately considered to be the least good looking; out of 10 options, they totalled just 5% of answers. Audi drivers came in second with 13.7% and BMW drivers were third with 12.4% of the overall vote. 

The survey also asked respondents what sex, age-range and engine type and colour car do the worst drivers own, and we can now reveal that it is not looking good for male drivers aged 17-25 with a black petrol car as this came out top. For angry drivers, the results changed to a male aged 31-45 with a red petrol car as voted top. 

On a positive note, Mini drivers were seen to be the best on the road, gaining 16% of the vote. 

Survey reveals under 25s are the worst drivers: but are they? 

Somewhat unsurprisingly, those aged 17-25 were considered the worst age group of drivers, whilst those in the 46-60 category were rated the best. Those aged 61 and over were considered the calmest drivers. 

However, the most recent statistics from the Department for Transport finds that the number of road traffic accidents from young drivers resulting in a fatality has, in fact, decreased by 3%. The statistics also found that 62% of these fatalities were male. 

Tim Alcock of says “Whilst research in the past has shown that young drivers are at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers due to inexperience and other factors, it’s good to see that these figures are slowly on the decrease, whether that be from more awareness or stricter regulations on younger drivers. 

It is of course always still important to follow the rules of the road; stay off mobile phones, stick to speed limits and limit dangerous driving, including driving at night and in unsafe vehicles.” 


To find out more information on the survey results, visit here.

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