When you love to ride, it’s always going to be in your interest to have a bike that you love. But there are a range of things that you can love about it. One of which is the performance. So isn’t it always a great idea if you can get the performance to where you want it to be? Sometimes, the bike you buy isn’t quite up to scratch. So, as the infographic below suggests, you may want to work on a few performance modifications.

Let’s go into a few in more detail.

Change The Exhaust

Of course, your exhaust is a huge performance measurement. It can also be a huge statement - so choosing the right one matters! If you really want to open up, choose a Full Exhaust System - as they are the most direct way.

Put On Better Tires

Another really great option for you is to work on the tires. The right tires really matter. For a better response to your input and to make sure that the bike handles better, think about upping your tyre game. So if you want to be sure that your bike is efficient, this is your next stop.

Add A Performance Air Filter

And then, for a sneaky little upgrade, add a performance filter. This will keep the engine clean and allow it to perform more efficiently. So swap your basic disposable paper filter for a performance air filter and see what it can do.

For more modifications, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By solomotoparts.com

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