• VTM 700 Self Managed Alarm Dialler

VTM 700 Self Managed Alarm Dialler


VTM 700. This is your pay as you go self managed vehicle tracking system 

The VTM 700 Alarm Dialler will ring up to 7 pre-programmed numbers in a pre-determined sequence in the event of an alarm trigger as well as sending a text to one further number in the event that none of the numbers are answered or rejected. 

This VTM 700 is designed to work either as a stand-alone system working in conjunction with the vehicles door switches or alongside an alarm with a negative pager/siren output. 

Combine it with one of our HPA, Easycan CANbus digital or analogue alarms for complete protection

The VTM 700 is an invaluable tool in offering peace of mind to customers concerned that they may not hear a siren due to location or where the security of their vehicle or it's contents are vital to them or their business. 


  • Vehicle Trackers

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VTM 700 Self Managed Alarm Dialler

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