TuneUp on Your Car’s History 



The importance of understanding your automobile’s past should not be overlooked. Much like a doctor needs to know your medical history, new car owners and potential buyers should know everything about their car’s past so that they know if there are recurring problems and what to look out for. It can be easy to eyeball scratches on the paintwork or dents, but deeper, underlying issues can be impossible to spot and can cause stress and a lot of money if undetected. 

History Checks

Fortunately, it is very easy to uncover any car’s past with a simple history check. Companies like HPI use records from a variety of important data sources, including the police, finance companies, the DVLA, SMMT, dealerships, leasing companies and other places to reveal crucial information about a vehicle’s past. 

This will uncover any important hidden secrets, such as whether or not it was recorded as stolen if there is outstanding finance if it has been previously written off and the number of previous owners (a lot could indicate faults with the vehicle). These checks are the first line of defence against used car scams and should always be carried out before making the purchase. HPI finds that 1 in 3 has a hidden issue, so it is hugely important to carry them out no matter where you buy the vehicle from. 

MOT History

One of the most important aspects that these checks reveal is the MOT history, which is very much like a medical history. The MOT history will reveal whether or not the vehicle has been looked after and if there have been any major or recurring issues. If the vehicle has failed a lot of MOTs or if there are lots of advisory notes, it could be at risk for similar problems in the future and it might be best to avoid purchasing the vehicle. Conversely, if the automobile has a healthy MOT history then it is an indication that it is in good health, has been well looked after and is not high risk. 

An MOT history report will reveal the test date, recorded mileage (which can stop clocking), previous test results, current status, MOT due date, refusal notes, advisory notes, road tax status and road tax renewal dates. This is all incredibly handy information to know if you are a car owner or considering buying the car. It indicates whether or not it is roadworthy if it could cost you a large sum to maintain and what problems it might have in the future. This information can be much more useful than what you can tell from looking at the vehicle or by taking it for a test drive. 

Taking Preemptive Action

So, what if you have purchased a vehicle which does not have a completely clean bill of health? You should pay close attention to how the automobile performs and take preemptive action if possible - otherwise, it could be costly and leave you carless down the line. Simply getting the vehicle serviced can make a huge difference and provide you with peace of mind.

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