Every winter, the same ideas about winter driving begin to rear their head. It’s easy to see why this is the case; winter driving is something most of us in the UK isn’t particularly practised at, thanks to our generally mild winters. Where there is lack of experience, there’s room for ideas to turn into myths.

To keep you safe on the road this winter, let’s look at some of the most common statements regarding winter driving and see if they hold up to scrutiny.

“A car needs time to heat up before driving when it’s cold.”

This is no longer the case with modern vehicles. Unless you’re driving a 30-year-old car, you don’t need to let it warm up before driving.

“Pour boiling water on your windscreen to instantly de-ice it.” 

First and foremost, this won’t work: de-icer is far more efficient. Secondly, the extreme temperature change can crack and damage your windscreen, so this is definitely one to avoid!

“If you drive during a weather warning, your car insurance is invalid.”

This is false. Weather warnings are issued by the Met Office, and they are advisory only, so you can drive during a rain or snow weather warning and still have valid car insurance. If you do drive during a warning, there are a few precautions you’ll need to take to keep you and your vehicle safe. Find out what you need to do, and what you need to take with you, with this handy infographic:

Infographic Design By Intelligent Car Leasing

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