Are you considering buying a motorbike?

There are all kinds of reasons why you should, some of which we will explain here. However, you need to know the downsides of motorbike ownership too, some of which might make you think again before swapping four wheels for two.

Here are the pros and cons.


You will save money. Well, generally speaking. You still need to fork out for biker gear, and you might want to treat your ride to a few upgrades, but as a rule, riding a motorbike is cheaper than driving a car. They cost less to buy, for starters, depending on the model you go for. They are also cheaper to tax and insure, and you will be glad to know that they do more miles to the gallon too, so you will be spending more time on the roads and less time at the fuel pump.

Parking is a doddle. Especially if your skills at parallel or reverse parking are minimal to nil, you will be pleased to know that it takes far less effort to park a motorbike. Rather than drive around town for an age looking for a spot you can comfortably fit into, you should be able to find a parking space with ease, even if it's a tight one.

Motorbikes are easier to clean. This is a no-brainer, as not only is a motorbike smaller than a car, but you don't have to worry about a messy interior either. So, there will be less time and effort spent polishing your bike to perfection, although you might still want to follow this motorbike cleaning guide to ensure you get the job done properly. 

There are health benefits. Perhaps not the first thing you think about when choosing whether to ride a motorcycle or not, but if you ever needed further incentive, this might be it. You will improve your mood, for starters, as you will experience less stress on the roads than car drivers, especially when they are stuck in traffic. You're out in the fresh air and sunlight, and they are proven factors to improving mental health. And because you are using your whole body to balance and steer your bike, you will give yourself a physical workout too. Say goodbye to those pesky calories!


Safety concerns. This is a biggie because you are placed in a vulnerable position when you're riding a motorbike. When you're travelling in the rain and snow, not only are the risks of an accident heightened because you have less control when on two wheels, you are also less visible to car drivers, so you might end up in a nasty collision. And there are other hazards that could lead to an accident, including potholes, uneven road surfaces, loose debris, and sudden turns in the road. Therefore, you need to put safety first, because in road accident statistics, you are 63 times more likely to be injured or killed than a car driver.

You have less space. Going on a road trip? You won't have a lot of room for your bags. Got a family to consider? Unless you invest in a sidecar, there will be nowhere for them to sit. Of course, space is less of an issue if you are buying a bike as a secondary vehicle but think twice if you are planning on ditching four wheels for two. 


If you are interested in buying a motorbike, be sure to take the necessary licensing tests first. You can find out more at Permit.bike. But considering the safety aspect, you might want to think carefully before you do, or, at the very least, take extra precautions, such as taking an advanced rider course. There are some undeniable benefits to owning a motorbike, but weigh up the pros and cons, and commit to further research online.

Thanks for reading.

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