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We all make mistakes, but when we’re driving, it's those little mistakes that could end up causing damage to our car, or injuring someone. After a while, we become a bit more relaxed in our approach to driving, which is when danger could be coming round the corner for us. We all make mistakes while driving, but some of us don't learn. So, what are the stupidest mistakes we are all guilty of when driving?

Thinking We're Safer Than We Are

It's something that becomes automatic when we learn how to drive. But, over the years, we soon anticipate the actions of other drivers. However, while this can beneficial in some circumstances, we're not psychic! We underestimate a lot of little issues on the road, such as braking distance, which is why so many people drive bumper to bumper.

We Believe We Can See Everything

Regardless of the speed we're driving at, we can't possibly compute every single item of information in front of us, to the side of us, and behind us on the road. Lots of people don't bother using the mirrors after a while unless it's to join traffic on a bigger road. Some people don't bother checking their blind spots and just focus on the road in front. You can see more details here about the impact, quite literally, of blind spot accidents, and the longer your road journey, the more your attention is going to waiver, and so you won't be as alert when it comes to checking all around you.

We Drive Tired

You might find it a necessity to drive, regardless of how little you slept. But driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. In fact, in comparison to driving after a tipple, driving tired is 10 times worse. Of course, we're not always guaranteed to get a good night's sleep, but if you are feeling particularly drowsy, is it worth getting behind the wheel?

We Think Nothing Of Checking Our Phone

Amazingly, even though it's illegal, there are still people driving around that check their phone. People do it at high speeds, and you can see those people trying to hide it while on the road, because they're looking down, and not in front of them! Sure, distracted driving encapsulates a lot of things, but now, in the information age, we feel constantly tempted to check our phone, which can spell disaster if we're driving at 60 miles an hour! It's far better for you to put your phone in airplane mode before you get in the car, so you don't have the temptation to check it. Even though there have been major clampdowns on the use of the telephone while driving, people still ignore the rules.

We all drive terribly from time to time, but because we feel protected, physically, and emotionally, in our car, we think that we can be more aggressive to others, and think we are better drivers than we actually are. It's a sobering wake-up call to those people who risk other people's lives on the road, as well as their own, but even little mistakes can cause major accidents.

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