The Royal Family certainly have their fair share of stunning cars. If you’re a fan of a well-crafted car or you only have eyes for the classics, then their fleet and range of personal cars are probably right up your street. But which of their many would be the one you’d go for? The below infographic showcases many of their most notable cars, including the stunning 2002 Bentley State Limousine, of which only two were ever made. But if you’re not really in the place for limo life, maybe these options are going to be some that speak to you the most…

1969 Aston Martin DB6 MK2 Volante

Belonging to HRH Prince Charles, this is the sexy little number that Wills and Kate drove down The Mall in after their nuptials. It was given to The Prince Of Wales as a gift for his 21st Birthday. As one of only 38 that were ever made, you could say it’s something quite special. Even more so, this little beauty runs on biofuel. Made out of excess British wine that’s grown on a Royal Family owned vineyard, you could say it’s very impressive indeed.

Land Rover Discovery

Suitable for family life and as practical as they come, the Land Rover Discovery is the Royal favourite of The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. If you love all of the modern technology being brought into cars these days, this is going to really speak to you. App control and TVs are just some of the exciting features this newer, seven-seater model sports.

Infographic Design By car leasing
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