Ultra-sleek, shallow Sony 8" Compact Powered Subwoofer Unit with Remote Control XS-AW8

With enclosure height of only 3-1/8", the XS-AW8 is designed to fit under the driver's seat of most vehicles. Its specially-designed shallow-profile subwoofer combines with the rugged sealed cast-aluminium enclosure to deliver the tight, powerful bass response that brings your music to life.

Supplied wired remote commander

A supplied wired remote commander allows you to adjust the subwoofer volume from the driver's seat.

160-W peak (75-W RMS) output power

Fill your car with 160 W (75 W RMS) of clean, dynamic bass sound with our original power IC. The matched class A/B amp is designed for high power and natural, distortion-free sound even at high output levels.

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