• SmartWitness DUO HD Dual Camera Dashcam

SmartWitness DUO HD Dual Camera Dashcam

Smart-i Duo
HD (720P) Vehicle Accident Camera with 2" LCD Monitor for Live View, Playback & Setup, Integrated G-Sensor, Records On To Micro SD Card & Includes a 2nd Camera.

The Smart-i Duo is a HD 720P vehicle collision camera with an additional internal rear view camera for help when reversing and to watch the rear of the vehicle. The recorder also features 2” LCD Monitor for live viewing, playback and setup. In addition, the camera features a wide angle, high-quality lens capturing clear images of the driver's view of the road.

The HD images provided by the camera can be used as evidence and can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today, including:

  • Cash for Crash/Pre-meditated staged accidents
  • Conflicting Reports of Actual Events
  • Lack of Witnesses

The Smart-i Duo features a HD (720P), 120° lens to provide a comprehensive view of any incident and record exactly what happened. Furthermore the camera includes a rotating lens, rotating 180°, giving you a comprehensive view of the road.

In addition to this, the recorder features a 2” LCD display of the Duo and additional camera as well as optional audio recording. The Smart-i Duo is designed to look like a part of the vehicle with a small and unobtrusive frame, preventing any unwanted attention from passengers or passers by.

Designed for simple DIY installation, the Smart-i Duo attaches to the inside of your windscreen using a high strength adhesive pad and has a single camera output connection for easy connection of the second camera. There is no need for any more cables as the second camera gets power from the Smart-i Duo and sends video back through the same cable.

In the event of an incident/accident occurring, the user can simply remove the Micro SD Memory Card from the unit and plug it into a Windows PC or Mac using a USB SD Card Reader.

The Smart-i Duo can also make use of motion detection recording saving space on the Micro SD Card as it only records when objects move in front of the camera. The recorder takes Micro SD Cards up to 32GB and records High definition (720P) images at up to 30 frames per second.

The Smart-i Duo is an affordable HD Vehicle Accident Camera with an extra rear view camera, both are packed with features, including;


  • 120° viewing angle of the road. Plus rear view with additional camera with 170° viewing angle
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Real Time HD Images
  • Optional Audio Recording
  • Recording whenever an incident/accident is detected by the unit's built-in Shock Sensor (G-Sensor)
  • Flexible recording modes:
  • Motion Detection - records whenever movement is detected in front of the camera
  • Continuous - records all the time and bookmarks the recording
  • Auto - Recorder will begin to record immediately after the unit is powered, ensuring no evidence lost if driver doesn't immediately turn on the recording function
  • Loop recording function that adjusts video size, up to 5 minutes


  • The Smart-i Duo can act as a PC web cam as well as vehicle accident camera
  • Takes high definition snapshots of up to 3 Megapixels
  • Date Stamp on all images to show time and date of all saved snapshots

Additional Features:

  • Built-in microphone / speaker for audio recording and playback
  • Recorder offers LED recording for night time operation
  • On-screen video & audio playback in addition to snapshot viewing via the 2" LCD screen

Rear View Camera:

  • Miniature size making it ideal for discreet use a rear facing camera
  • The camera features a class leading Xvision Pixel+ lens for High Quality Insurance Approved 170° Pillar to Pillar viewing angle
  • The camera can produce both standard and reversed (Mirror) images
  • Tamper Resistant Design
  • Designed for both internal and external use as it is waterproof to IP68 standards


  • Small and lightweight design making it unobtrusive
  • Plugged into the cigarette lighter plug for easy installation
  • Comes with a suction windscreen mount to attached easily to the windscreen
  • 3” LCD Monitor for Live Viewing of both cameras and playback

Other Benefits:

  • Designed in house by our experienced R&D team and manufactured in our own state of the art facilities
  • No on-going subscription fees or other charges
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SmartWitness DUO HD Dual Camera Dashcam

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