Selling your car may seem pretty straightforward, but there is actually a lot to keep in mind if you want the best possible price for it. Make sure you read up on the pitfalls and possibilities before making any decisions - that way, you can confidently wave goodbye to your old ride, knowing its in good hands.

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Here are a couple of tips if you are thinking about upgrading to a newer model or whatever your reason may be for selling your old car. It just makes it a bit easier to get the paperwork over with.

First: Find a fair price

A lot will have an impact on how quickly your car sells and, of course, what price people are willing to offer for it. Unless you’d like it to hang around on the market forever, it’s a good idea to first figure out a fair price which makes sense to both you and the buyer. Some types sell much faster than others, for example, such as convertibles for the young and single - or family sedans for those looking for a more affordable option.

Consider the model of your car as well as some of them are a lot more popular than others; if you have an old model, on the other hand, it might take a bit longer to sell and you won’t necessarily get the price you had in mind if you need it to sell quickly. Mileage, type of car, and model are all parts of how quickly your car will sell and what you might be able to get for it.

Next: Consider the market

Now that you have a certain impression of how popular your car is and if the model is still in fashion, it’s time to hit the search engine and check out what others are asking for the same type of car. This is a no-brainer, though, and probably one of the first things you should do - after all, you wouldn’t want to pay up for a car you could get for half the price from a different seller.

Have a look around and remember to keep the mileage in mind as your car might sell for more if it has less mileage under its wheels.

Consider other factors as well that might set your vehicle apart from others of its kind. Maybe you went for the expensive leather seats when buying it, a more flashy dashboard, and even a personalised number plate - all of this will have an influence and might give you a better price for it. If you’d like to sell your personalised plate separately from your vehicle, you should get a number plate valuation, first of all, before proceeding with the rest of the sale.

Last: Have the documentation in order

While it may seem obvious, it’s important that you remember to sort out all of the documentation for the car before you put in on the market. You will need the registration documentation, of course, as well as any car insurance. Take care of this sooner rather than later and you can happily send your old car off to its new owner.

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