RX560B LED Daytime Running Lights Matt Black Rings

 The RX560B LED Daytime Running Lights improve your safety on the road and increase the visibility of your vehicle day and night. Power to the system is taken from the vehicles battery to the 12 LED DRL control module and a +12V IGN feed is needed to be applied to the control module to activate/deactivate the DRL's. Their is also a cable to be connected to the vehicles side light circuit which switches off or dims the DRL's (adjustable at time of install) when the vehicles side lights are turned on. Kit includes a 19.5mm hole cutter.

Our daytime running lights or DRL's offer additional safety while driving. According to statistics over half of all daytime accidents at road junctions are caused by drivers not seeing other road users in time. Road safety experts suggest switching on dipped beam headlights during the day, or using additional daytime running lights such as these.

Simple 3 wire connection
12 seperate LED's (kit will operate with less if you dont require all 12)
Input voltage: DC12/24V
Low power consumption
Lifetime: >50,000 hrs

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RX560B LED Daytime Running Lights Matt Black Rings

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