PTS400EX OE Style Reverse Parking Sensors from Steelmate


The PTS400EX is a 4-sensor rear parking assist system that is an ultrasonic distance monitoring device. It electronically detects the area behind your vehicle while reversing, and alerts you with audible tones and/or optional visual display, if the system detects an obstacle. If you have one of the optional displays fitted with the digital numbers the system will accurately show the distance to the obstacle. With features like self-test and the learning function the PTS400EX is ideal for cars with tow-bars or spare wheels. The various optional displays available are suitable for dash, interior mirror or rear roof mounting. When the display is mounted on the rear roof it can be easily viewed from the interior mirror.

The alert buzzer can be upgraded to a display. Only some LED displays have a set button or digital indication. Digital indicator and adjustable volume function depend on the display you choose.

4 Sensor Rear Only Upgrade Kit With Buzzer And OE Style Flush Fit 14D-13 Matt Black Sensors (Can Be Colour Coded). The system can be programmed to ignore tow bars or spare wheels. The system is compatible with our visual display types listed in related products below. Can be used as a 2 Sensor system if required. The sensor hole size is 16mm and a hole punch is included in the kit.

Download Manual (.PDF)


Sensor Colour Coding:

We offer a sensor colour coding service which enables the sensors to be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for an additional cost. If you select the 'match my vehicle colour' option above when ordering, you can enter your vehicle make, model and colour code under general information at the checkout process or if you prefer let a member of our staff call you to obtain the colour code for your vehicle. The colour code can usually be found on the vehicles VIN plate or door shut.

Main Features:

Rear 4 sensors for full rear coverage
5-stage audible warning buzzer with the option of adding a visual display
Heavy rain proof design
All weather design (-40°C>+80°C)
Anti-false alarm patent
Easy installation

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 9>16V
Temperature: -40>+80°C
Input: <4W
Beep volume: 70>90dB
Range (Rear): 0.3>1.5m

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PTS400EX OE Style Reverse Parking Sensors from Steelmate

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