Vauxhall Astra J, Mokka, Meriva B, Zafira Tourer CAN steering control interface

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CAN-Bus Steering Wheel Control Interface with built-in speaker for Vauxhall/Opel vehicles.

Key Features

Retains Steering Wheel Controls (if equipped)

Retains Vehicle Settings Menu (if equipped)

Retains OEM Phone Buttons (if equipped)

Retains Vehicle Chimes (if equipped)

An additional speaker box is included with the interface, this retains the original parking sensor tones, indicator clicks and other warning chimes.

Wiring harness adapts from the original connector in the vehicle to standard aftermarket ISO connectors.

For Installation into Vauxhall Meriva Vehicles

If steering wheel control functions are unresponsive after installation, press the ‘Track Down’ repeatedly 8 times until an audible beep is heard. This confirms the interface has switched to the Meriva protocol.

To reverse this back to non Meriva protocol, repeat the process above.

Dip Switch Settings

Before installation, make sure that the dipswitches on the interface are set according to the below information:

Set Dipswitch 1 to ‘On’ if installing a Pioneer aftermarket stereo, and ‘Off’ if installing a Sony aftermarket stereo. If installing any other brand of stereo, Dipswitch 1 can be set to any position

Set Dipswitch 2 to ‘On’ if installing the product into a vehicle with 2 Line Display, and ‘Off’ if installing into a vehicle with 4 Line Display

Dipswitches 3 & 4 have no functionality with this product and can be left in their default positions

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for cars with original navigation screens

Must be used with a separate 29-CT series head-unit patch lead or a universal patch 29-CT-025

Car models: The years stated refer to the model's years of manufacture, please check the item description for information about any changes there may be within these productions years.

Vauxhall - Astra J (2010 - 2015)

Vauxhall - Meriva B (2010 - 2017)

Vauxhall - Mokka (2012 >)

Vauxhall - Zafira Tourer (2011 - 2019)

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