Thinkware iVolt Mini External Battery Pack

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Some vehicles may bring up a "Battery Discharge" warning on the dashboard is a Dashcam is left running in Parking Mode for several hours. This is due to the vehicles detecting excessive battery drain

Fitting a separate battery pack is a good solution.

This battery pack only has a Permanent Power & Ignition Supply going into it for charging (needs to sustain 9.4 amps) The battery pack fully charges to 90% or more in around 1 hour and can power a Single channel camera for approx 43 hours and a 2 channel camera for approx 32 hours. When the ignition is off permanent power to the camera is purely supplied from this battery.

Two versions available

Hardwire: Maximum performance for an entirely professional install

Plug & Play: For people concerned about their vehicle warranty, a plug & play version designed for non-invasive install.


Technical Info

    • Input Power 12.0V 15.5V / 10A MAX
    • Output Voltage / Current 12.0V 14.6V / 2.0A MAX
    • Charging Voltage / Current 14.6V / 7A(Hardwire) or 14.6V / 5A(Cigar Jack)
    • Charging Time About 45 minutes (by Hardwire to Fuse Box) - About 60 minutes (by Cigar Jack Power Cable)
    • Usage Time 1ch: about 20 hours (2.9Wh) - 2ch: about 16 hours (3.5Wh)
    • Battery LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
    • Battery Capacity 12.8V 4,500mAh 57.6Wh
    • Product Dimension 165.4(W) x 131.2(L) x 36.8(H) / Weight: 0.95(kg)
    • Operating Temperature Charging: 0C~45C
    • Discharging: -10C~60C - (Cell skin temperature cannot exceed 80C)
    • Storage Temperature -10C ~ 60C
    • Storage Humidity Range 65% 20%RH
    • (Recommended to store 23 5C for long term)

NOTE: A Thinkware Hardwire Cable is needed to connect your Thinkware camera to either version of the iVolt Mini.



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