Thinkware F100 Rear (internal) camera (BCH-610)

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Thinkware F100 rear camera with an approximate 5.5-meter extension cable The camera model number BCH-610 is exclusive to the F100. The mounting bracket for the camera features a double-sided adhesive pad. The bracket enables the camera to be rotated to its ideal position on the back screen. At each end of the cable are four pole 2.5mm plugs. The rear plug is straight, while the front camera has a right-angled plug.

Key Features

  • Durable Rear camera cable (approximately 24 feet long) with a right angle tip for the front camera and a straight tip for the rear camera. This cable is F100 specific.
  • Records HD video at 30FPS
  • Not compatible with other Thinkware 2-CH systems. The F750, F770, X550 units require the BCFH-150, while the F800/F800 Pro requires the BCFH-200
  • *Front camera not included. Rear camera WILL NOT work without a front camera
  • F100 compatible camera Part Number: BCH-610

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