Texpower Emergency Power Hand Crank TEX-TP247

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The TP:247 Emergency Power Hand Crank provides portable, instant power when you need it most.

Built to withstand harsh conditions, the TP:247 is the ultimate survival tool for emergency situations when you need to quickly power up your phone, torch, sat-phone, GPS, batteries, power-bank, camera, radio and more.

Whether you are an aid worker in a disaster zone, an offshore sailor navigating rough seas, or an adventurer exploring remote territories, the TP:247 has you covered.

Charge a flat phone and make an emergency call in 2.5 minutes!


  • Detachable handle
  • Rubber grip
  • IP65
  • Durable, reliable construction
  • Maximum output: 5V at 2A

Charging times: An empty phone battery charges by 1% per minute. By using the TP:247 you can give an empty phone battery enough charge to make an emergency call in approximately 2.5 minutes. 10 minutes of use gives approximately 1hr of talk time.

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