Speaker and Ring Fitting Nuts, Bolts and Terminals Set


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Pack of nuts, bolts, washers and terminals for fitting a pair of speakers and speaker rings.

Contains the following:

  • 12x M5 bolts
  • 12x M5 flanged nuts
  • 8x M5 Stainless Steel Washers
  • 4x 2.8mm Insulated Spade Terminals
  • 4x 4.8mm Insulated Spade Terminals

Nuts and bolts are for fitting the speaker rings to the doors if the original were rivetted.

Washers can be placed behind the screws holding the speaker in place to spread the load and stop the speaker dropping from slightly undersized screws.

Insulted crimp terminals can be used when no speaker adapter cable is available. The original speaker connector would need to be cut off, wire ends stripped and the terminals crimped in place. These are for speakers with 0.8mm tab connections. They will not be needed for speakers with screw type fittings.

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