SLICK MIT Bass Enclosures 8 Inch - SLICKMIT8-V3


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New tech, incredible performance, ultimate integration, signature style.

M.I.T. enclosures from VIBE.

The New M.I.T. enclosures from VIBE are designed to suit any end user.

With three installation orientations and available in four size variations, this is
our most flexible enclosure range to date.

Containing the SLICK series subwoofers, the M.I.T. enclosures offer power, precision and performance from a unique and flexible design concept.

The MIT boxes are available in 8,10, 12 and Twin 12 variants.

An enclosure to fit anyone, any car, any style, any music.

BEST FITMENT - The Multi Installation technology allows for perfect fitment in many
applications. With “Power”, “Stealth” and “Space saving” fitment options all from one
PREMIUM STYLE - Our MIT enclosures feature combinations of materials and finished
to give a premium high end look including anodised and CNC aluminium, tight weave
carpet and carbon fibre.
HIGH PERFORMANCE - The MIT 8 inch enclosure features a 500 watt RMS SLICK 8
inch subwoofer for ground pounding bass from a unique, innovative enclosure,
BEST CONSTRUCTION - Constructed from premium materials and engineered design
the MIT enclosures have a resonance free no flex composition for best bass delivery

  • Model: SLICKMIT8-V3
  • Driver: SLICK 8
  • Peak/RMS Power: 1350W/450W
  • Impedance: Dual 2 Ohms
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.8" x 10.6" x 14.6" (325mm x 270mm x 370mm)
  • Configuration: 4th order Bass Reflex
  • Enclosure Type: Trapezius Bass Enclosure

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