SHARK FIN antenna for DAB, FM and GPS - 70-918K

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Shark fin antenna for DAB, FM and GPS.
20dB DAB and FM amplification.
Includes 3 x 5m extension cables for FM, DAB and GPS.
Can be fitted as a replacement or a complete new antenna.
If fitting aftermarket navigation units like Pioneer/Alpine you will need to use the original GPS connector supplied with the unit , CUT the the cable and solder it to the cable supplied with the 70-918. WE DO NOT HAVE ADAPTERS.

Kit includes 3 x 5m extension cables.
The 12v power needed can either be via the red cable or can be supplied as a phantom feed via the FM coaxial cable.
Can be mounted in new Mercedes and Audi cars using the adapter seals
70-917MB24 or 70-917VW25

Technical drawing with dimensions

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