RECOIL BRP-PRO Bass Restoration Processor/ Line Output Converter/ Line Driver


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Certain types of music just don’t have enough adequate, low bass. If you listen to classic rock, older hip-hop or similar genres, the BRP-PRO Bass Restoration Processor from RECOIL adds just the right amount of bass back into your music. Its unique Multi-Function Remote Level Control (RLC) lets you adjust the overall bass volume, and the amount of bass restoration effect needed for a particular song or defeat the effect completely when no restoration is required. The BRP-PRO has both the speaker level and RCA inputs so it integrates easily with factory or aftermarket sources. There is also a variable frequency subsonic filter for fine system tuning.  

Product Features

  • Bass restoration processor 
  • Complete tuning control (Effect, Width, Frequency)
  • Variable subsonic filter
  • Multi-Function Remote
  • Total Output Level
  • Bass Effect Level with Push On/Off
  • Line Output Converter or Line Driver
  • Differential Balanced Inputs
  • Low Impedance Outputs
  • Two channels of speaker-level inputs (up to 40V input handling)
  • Two channels of RCA-level inputs
  • Two channels of RCA-level outputs
  • Single stereo gain control
  • Variable Gain with Clip LED
  • Up to 9.5V of output
  • 12V trigger output
  • Turn-on mode selection (Remote, DC, Audio)
  • On-board load resistors selection (20Ω, 60Ω, 20kΩ)
  • Ground isolation selection (GND, ISO or 200Ω)
  • Compact Aluminium Chassis
  • Detachable Mounting Tabs

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