Nissan Qashqai (2007-2013) Double DIN stereo upgrade fitting kit (WITH SWC AND BOSE)

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Complete stereo upgrade kit to install a Double DIN aftermarket radio and retain the use of the steering wheel controls and BOSE amplifier in Nissan Qashqai (2007-2013) car models.

PLEASE NOTE: To retain use of the factory fitted camera (if equipped) please use this fitting kit with our camera retention interface, part number 27-246

This head unit fitting kit includes:

Nissan (grey rectangle to DIN connector) antenna adapter (With male bullet connection) (21-118k)
Nissan (grey rectangle female antenna to male DIN connection) car aerial antenna adapter cable.
This cable adapts from the grey plastic rectangle Nissan antenna connector in the car to a standard aftermarket male DIN connector, used when fitting a new aftermarket stereo.
The loose blue wire (male bullet) on the adapter needs to be connected to the antenna turn on output from the new radio, this turns on the original antenna amplifier in the car.

Nissan (20 pin) steering control and BOSE retention interface (29-671-BOSE)
Car audio steering wheel control and BOSE retention interface for select Nissan car models with 6 function audio controls on the steering wheel and 20 pin connectors at the back of the radio. (Does not include the i button)
The cable adapts from the 20 pin Nissan connector (the connector has a larger size terminal at either end of the connector) in the car to standard aftermarket ISO connectors. This replaces the need for a separate ISO radio replacement adapter cable.
The steering wheel control interface is built in to the adapter cable for a plug and play installation.
This interface will allow the original audio control buttons on the steering wheel to work with the new aftermarket radio. The interface will work the volume, track skip, source and phone buttons. (6 function steering wheels)
This interface fits cars with the newer 20 way car audio connector that has two larger size terminals at either end of the connector.
These radios will also have an additional smaller connector, this is used for CD changer and navigation audio. It is not used when changing the head unit.
The amplifier interface included with this product converts the high level audio output of a new head unit to a low level pre amplified signal which will work with the factory fit Nissan BOSE amplifier.

29-Series universal patch lead (29-025)
Universal patch lead to be used with In car Tec 29- series steering wheel control interfaces.
Use for Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, Zenec, Philips, Dynavin and non branded Chinese head units.

Nissan Qashqai (2007-2013) Single/ Double DIN fascia (50-685)
Car radio fascia adaptor panel to allow the fitting of an aftermarket Double DIN car radio upgrade.
The fascia adaptor allows the fitting of an aftermarket radio into the dashboard by matching the shape, style and colour of the original radio.
This fascia kit uses side fixing brackets, the brackets fit directly to the sides of the new radio and the fascia panel. This replaces the need for a fitting cage and gives a flush professional appearance to the installation. 

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