MTX Terminator 220w 2 channel class a/b full range amplifier MTXTR275


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The MTXTR275 is a small but powerful Class A/B amplifier. Designed to run a pair of speakers or it can be bridged to power a 4 ohm subwoofer like the MTXTR12-04. It has a tiny footprint measuring just 18cm wide and 13.5cm deep which means it can be installed practically anywhere!

Its variable active filter allows it to be extremely precise: 12dB / oct high pass or variable low pass from 50 to 120Hz. If you don't know where to start adjusting the active filter, the potentiometer is equipped with an 80Hz "click" position. This is a great starting point.

To avoid interference problems, the TR275 is equipped with balanced inputs. They perfectly isolate the audio ground of the amp so that it does not mix with the noisy ground of the power supply. This is a powerful technique that is usually found on much higher end amps.

If your car radio is not equipped with RCA outputs, you can connect the TR275 to the high level inputs. All you need to do is connect the HP cables directly to the high level input of the amplifier. Simple and very practical!

  • 2-channel Class-AB wide range amplifier
  • 2x110W RMS @ 2Ω and THD + N ≤1%
  • 2x75W RMS @ 4Ω and THD + N ≤1%
  • 1x220W RMS bridged @ 4Ω and THD + N ≤1%
  • Fuse rating: 40A
  • High Pass (HPF) 12dB/oct @80Hz
  • Low Pass (LPF) 12dB/oct @80Hz
  • Signal / noise ratio (1 Watt):> 74dB
  • Frequency response (± 1dB): 10Hz-60000Hz
  • Sensitivity level: 200mV to 6V
  • Low-level (RCA) and high-level (speakers) inputs
  • All aluminium construction
  • Dimensions: 180 x 135 x 52mm

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