CARAVAN TRAK 6 Insurance Approved


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Owning a motorhome or caravan is a large investment and a valued possession, so it's worth protecting it with a tracking device.

(inc pre-paid 1-year subscription worth £99.95)

Caravan Trak puts you in control.

See the real-time status of your vehicle at any time, from anywhere and on any with Meta Trak's innovative solution which identifies unauthorised towing!.

Receive instant alerts directly to your phone if anything out of the ordinary is detected essentially when you are out and about and your van is parked up, or if it's left in storage when you're not using it.

View your journey history and save memorable trips. Plus, you can share login details with friends and family so that they can follow you on your travels.
For ultimate peace of mind and the primary method of defence against theft, choose one of our Thatcham approved motorhome tracking solutions with 24/7 Security Operating Centre monitoring.

Identifying whether the caravan is being towed by the owner or by a thief has always been a challenge with caravans. 

Meta Traks latest Thatcham Cat 6 approved caravan product includes an ID-Tag that allows the system to distinguish between authorised and unauthorised towing. 

Motorhome owners can choose Driver Recognition IDtags and immobiliser options. 

With a Meta Trak device fitted, you may now save 25% on motorhome insurance and 15% on caravan insurance with Caravan Guard. 

More information on our Dunbar shop website...

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