Meta M23 Ultra Compact Microwave Interior Movement Sensor

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This hyper frequency module is a volumetric sensor capable of detecting attempts to enter the area it covers using radio waves. It is not affected b air currents caused by leaving a window open and is a particularly good choice for protecting cabriolets of vehicles with a heater.

The module also has the option of extending its coverage by fitting two modules inside the vehicle without causing any interference between them (see the note on the jumper config)

It is essential you fit the module inside the vehicle interior in an area protected against water and humidity. It can be fitted under the central transmission hump, behind the dashboard or inside the ceiling light unit and should be secured with the screws or the strips of stick-on velcro supplied. When fitting the module, check the chosen site faces the area you want to protect so the radio waves will be transmitted in this direction. Never cover the front of the "Antenna" module with any items made if metal, as these would act as a barier against the microwaves.

Adjusting sensitivity and final check:
Once you have decided where to fit the module, secure it into position and set it so it gives the best coverage of the area to be protected without the risk of radio waved being sent beyond the vehicle, as this could result in false alarms. Adjust the trimmer on the front of the module to set it. Turn the trimmer in the direction shown on the plastic caseeto adjust its sensitivity. The Led at the side of the trimmer can be used to verify when the alarm trigger has been detected even if the system does not have a trigger sensing function during its intial entry time. If the module is connected to a Metasystem alarm, the alarm system will signal when it has detected the alarm triggerduring the initial entry time by means of one flashing of the direction indicators. Some alarm versions also sound their buzzer once. Radio waves are reflected by metal surfaces, therefor for optimum adjustment we suggest using a 50cm square (or larger) sheet of metal: move the metal slowly near the vehicle's windows and windscren, or above its soft top, to identify the area of coverage by the radio waves.

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